Nyman, Anders (1972-____)

Nyman, Anders, 2010, Static
[boken är tryckt på engelska]

[ISBN 978-91-7437-052-2]

Brun Mediaproduktion (Helsingborg)
__________, Stockholm 2010
Rygglimmad med mjuk pärm
136 x 205 x 12 mm
213 sidor

Förlagets text:
Two people, leading two very different lives, find themselves on a rollercoaster ride towards the subject that brought thern together.
Along the ride they experience numerous parapsycological encounters leading them to doubt their own sanity. The big question however is; are they prepared for what awaits them at their destination? Are they willing to make the ultimate sacrifice in order to save what’s left of civilization as we know it?
First time author Anders Nyman spreads his wings with this parapsychology based novel set in the heart of Miami, Florida.
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